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Fashion retailer brings home Christmas

True to its motto “We are bringing Christmas home”, Zalando has created seasonal Christmas displays at 18 selected Postbank branches. Each promotional space is draped and decorated to resemble a cosy, living room - along with a variety of Zalando packages. But the cooperative action is not just eye candy: Zalando advertises with voucher giveaways and new customers that open a Postbank Giro account by January will receive a 50 EUR voucher from the digital fashion retailer.

Bildquelle: www.postbank.de
Chocolate maker wraps London up in paper

Cadbury aimed to create a festive spectacle that truly captured the joy of a Cadbury Christmas. And what better way than to wrap a street from top to bottom in festive Cadbury gift-wrap? The TV spot captures the unscripted joy of children unwrapping their neighbourhood, finding a number of Cadbury Christmas treats as they do. Cadbury is taking on the likes of Marks & Spencer and Coca-Cola by using this exciting time when Christmas ads hit our screens.

Bildquelle: www.youtube.de

Strategically placed posters encouraged people to dial a number or check in on Foursquare. Those curious enough were rewarded with their very own snow blizzard, set to the tune of ‘Let it Snow’ by Dean Martin. The reactions were quite a sight: hipsters cracked a smile, an average night became magical and dreams of a white Christmas in Hackney came true

Bildquelle: www.vimeo.com