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Your Joy Generator

Chocolate lovers take a digital journey to discover which one of Cadbury’s wide flavour range best match their identity. Australian´s leading chocolate brand invented a vending machine that dispenses chocolate (for free) based on your likes and interests including brands, charities, sporting clubs through to music artists, TV shows, radio stations and movies. The process is easy: Sign in on Facebook and get matched with one of the 12 flavours before taking a snap with their favorite in the Cadbury social media enabled picture booth.

Bildquelle: www.youtube.de
What makes the difference?

When customers came to the Burger King counter on this year‘s Gay Pride in San Francisco asking what the differnce between a regular and the rainbow-coloured wrapped Whopper was, they found the answer inside: „We are the same inside“. Being a sponsor of the festivities, the company gave out about 70,000 rainbow-colored paper crowns, too. All proceeds from sales of the burger will go to the Burger King McLamore Foundation. While the burger was reaching only a small, select audience, the video, filmed on location, made waves online with more than 5 million clicks on YouTube.

Bildquelle: www.youtube.de
Special Mini Deliveries

Based on the Mel´s Mini Market Campaign, OREO has chosen 50 tiny towns, one in each state of America, with special cookie deliveries to each household. Because many of these super small towns often go overlooked, many people probably don‘t know about the little things that make them so unique. The Cookie Company is also reminding its fans to recognize the little things and small gestures in life that matters the most by sending cookies and personalized notes to special people.

Bildquelle: www.oreominidelivery.com
Cheers to my Laptop!

Grolsch presents the “Movie Unlocker” bottle that let users watch films online for free. For that they created a „one-touch“ communication that allows beer lovers to unlock online content with a simple swipe of a bottle. The technology uses radio signals that transmits information from the beer bottle top to the user‘s device. So consumers can pay their movies with regular beer bottles.

Bildquelle: www.youtube.de