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Giving new meaning to the term, ‘flat white’

To remedy the often lonely act of reading the morning news, Nescafé France included pop-up coffees in special inserts in French newspapers. They were made up of two ready-to-go cardboard mugs – complete with powdered servings of coffee - so that the reader had the opportunity to share the moment with someone.

Bildquelle: www.youtube.de
Show me your chocolate, please!

Travellers on Sanriku Railway Network have a new payment method: the transport company now accepts KitKat wrappers in lieu of train tickets. It’s part of a pioneering scheme to revive tourism in a region still struggling after the earthquake and nuclear disaster. To get people into the spirit of the promotion, Nestlé Japan also decorated two trains and stations with the KitKat cherry blossom design.

Bildquelle: www.kitkat.com
Dance harder, feel fresher

It’s the music experience of the future: Pepsi and A-Track paired up to present a groundbreaking bioreactive concert as SXSW this year. The event was one massive dataparty, with wristbands monitoring each partygoer’s heart rate, movements, body temperature, and the volume of the music around them. Each wristband was synched to the owner’s social media account, and those who danced the hardest were acknowledged on large LED projections. The space responded to the readings too: energetic dancing would unlock cooler air and free refreshments.

Bildquelle: www.youtube.de