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When the Taco Bell rings – you answer

Taco Bell has randomly distributed 1.000 phones to their fans. They then sent a series of challenges via text messages. These challenges were mostly questions or tasks that can be completed by replying to the chain within four hours – with an Instagram photo or a Tweet. Taco Bell will be selecting the best responses for their upcoming user generated content campaign.

Bildquelle: www.vine.co/v/Mh2IMgmTbQI/
Chocolatory opening

The world‘s first store dedicated to the sweet sound of a breaking Kit Kat, offers exclusive seasonal flavors. More impressive is the fact that it recruits Le Patissier Takagi pastry chef Yasumasa Takagai to oversee and develop new Kit Kats. Located in Tokyo, Japan, the store drew so much hype, that there were long queues on the opening day. As it continues to be a hit with consumers, both instore and on the social media, there‘s no doubt that another Chocolatory will open soon.

Bildquelle: www.youtube.de
Give it an (ice cold) shot

Jägermeister’s new U.K. spot, „Journey to Surf“, is an artfully shot exploration of the icy wilderness that puts perseverance and determination above superficial high fives and chest bumps. The new ad was created in the true character of Jägermeister: using real friends and no scripts, so that the finished film focuses on those unique bonding moments you can only get with your mates. After their epic excursion, the young men find an isolated watering hole and celebrate with shots of Jägermeister. Even this product payoff is handled well, keeping the focus on authentic, relatable camaraderie rather than fetishizing just another student party drink.

Bildquelle: www.youtube.de