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Play with your pizza box

To promote the release of Forza Motorsport 5, the gaming giant teamed up with Pizza Hut UK, Xbox One and augmented reality app, Blippar, to provide customers with exclusive game content directly on their smartphones. Pizza Hut produced 500,000 limited edition pizza boxes wrapped in the game’s cover image. Customers can use the Blippar app to “blipp” the box and animate the image. Users interacted with the image through their phone and accessed game trailers and sweepstakes entries. Let’s hope their pizzas didn’t get too cold!

Bildquelle: www.youtube.de
Pin-up plumbers promote Plumr products

Liquid-Plumr has released a hot promotional calendar full of hunky plumbers who unbutton their shirts, roll up their sleeves and talk dirty to you in a stream of sexy plumbing-related double entendres to appeal to their female consumers throughout the year. Each month highlights a certain Liquid-Plumr product, like Liquid-Plumr Hair Clog Eliminator and Liquid-Plumr Urgent Clear.

Bildquelle: www.liquidplumr.com
The hangover taxi

Over the festive season, Kabuto trialled a bespoke taxi service to take you from your house to your office the night after your Christmas party – including a ‘hangover cure’ pack with some paracetamol, fresh orange juice, mints, sunglasses and a pot of hot Kabuto Noodles to eat on-the-go. Based on the insight that instant noodles are often used to rescue a fuzzy head, Kabuto have gone that extra step further to create the ultimate hangover cure for their customers!

Bildquelle: www.kabutonoodles.com